Leica T User Interface Concept

I have been taking photos since I was 14 years old hanging out in local skate parks. For the first 10 years I’ve been shooting with manual film cameras only and I got my first digital camera back in 2004. Since then user interface of a digital camera didn’t really change. We are all used to see black screen with white pixel typeface scrolling through endless lists of unclear settings and acronyms. Using camera almost on a daily basis inspired me think of some features or improvements in user experience that I decided to illustrate in this project. Please note, that the features presented here might not fit everyone, this is solely the way I would like to use digital camera.

Two years ago I started shooting with digital Leica M. A brand and a camera that I really like and that stays true to manual mode. For this particular concept I selected Leica T—a more modern consumer camera with back touch display, but the one that doesn’t scare professional photographers. I do realize that a lot of tasks can still be done by switching knobs on the top right part of the camera, but just for the purpose of the concept I wanted to look into how everything can be done only by using the touch display. Please note, that this is a self initiated concept and I was not hired by Leica to work on it. All the metering numbers are only to show the proof of concept.
Anton Repponen
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