UP Memory Tower

For some people external hard-drives became obsolete. The “cloud” offers more unlimited storage, seamless backup integration as well as clean work environment, where you don’t have to deal with clunky drives and wires all over the place. Unfortunately the “cloud” isn’t solution for everyone. There are professionals that need large amount of data to be “one click away” and not 3-hour download away. Things like RAW video footage or RAW photography take a lot of space, but also take long time to download back from the cloud when you need it. On top of that sometimes you just need to have a hard copy in cases where you can’t rely on internet connection. External hard-drives are still there. But most of them are quite ugly and didn’t change in a very long time.

UP Memory Tower is not an answer, but a design concept that envisions a more beautiful and modular external hard-drive system. Instead of buying more drives that are not connected to each other and occupy your thunderbolt/firewire/USB 2 ports, UP on the other hand keeps growing the more drives you buy and stack them together. Each drive comes in different colors and various sizes and can be purchased separately. Just stack all drives on top of each other into one unified power base and close it with the fan. At any time you can take only a portion of the memory with you and not the entire stack of drives.

Anton Repponen
© 2002-2024
Built on Cargo
Type set in Diatype by Dinamo
New York