Plain Chair

The plain chair is a furniture concept by Anton Repponen. The chair consists of multiple interchangeable cushions that come in different colors and allow you to customize your chair to your liking. Cushions come in two different shapes: the first one is a base cushion that should be placed at the bottom as your main sitting area, the second one is a side cushion that is placed on top of the base cushion. All pieces are placed on top of each other using the main chair frame that comes in black coated aluminum.

That fact that you can put as many base cushions as you see fit allows you to control the seating height of your chair. You can place 3 cushions and allow kids and your pets to easily access the chair or place 7 base cushions if you are feeling sitting really high up.

Each base and side cushions come in 16 different colors giving you an opportunity to create the chair that really matches your space. You can buy cushions individually and modify your chair each day if you want to. If you spill your coffee, no need to go and buy a new chair, just replace the part that became dirty (or even better, just flip it ;)

Anton Repponen
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Built on Cargo
Type set in Diatype by Dinamo
New York