Don’t Take These JPGs Seriously

“Don't Take These JPGs Seriously" is a manifesto for visual thinkers. It serves as a personal design encyclopedia created by Anton Repponen, showcasing unexplored territories beyond commercial design work.

Unshackled from the constraints of commercial work, each page of this book is a testament to the power of pushing boundaries and breaking norms. Through a kaleidoscope of vivid images, Anton Repponen invites fellow designers to embrace their inner adventurers and venture into uncharted territories of creativity. 'Don't Take These JPGs Seriously' is more than a book; it's a testament to the infinite possibilities that emerge when imagination is unchained. It's an invitation to all visual thinkers to break free from the mundane and embark on an exhilarating quest of creativity and innovation.

The book spans 400 pages and features over 800 unique visuals that were created between 2007 and 2023. These visuals range from design concepts, furniture, graphic experiments, physical and digital objects, installation ideas, photography, art pieces, photo manipulations, and much more. Some of the concepts featured in the book have also been covered by multiple media outlets. For example, the NU:RO Watch (pages 194-203)was manufactured in a limited edition and sold at the MoMA store. The Misplaced Series (pages 28-39) has been featured in over 50 media outlets, including CNN, Wired, Business Insider, and The Guardian.

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