Spaces & Object

Spaces and Objects delves into the vibrant tapestry of colors adorning the objects encountered during a stroll through the cityscape. Observe the multitude of items that surround you, each possessing its unique hue and story. While some objects retain their natural metallic or chrome appearance, others have been bestowed with a deliberate and striking coat of paint. These hand-painted creations beg the question: What inspired individuals to select such specific colors? Was it an intentional ploy to capture attention, drawing curious gazes from passersby? Or perhaps it was a spontaneous decision, born out of the person’s sheer impulse and the availability of colors at hand. Bold shades of screaming red, contrasting yellow with black stripes, tranquil greens, captivating blues, and even whimsical pinks contribute to the kaleidoscope of hues that enliven these objects. Uncover a vibrant tapestry reflecting the diverse human psyche.

Anton Repponen
© 2002-2024
Built on Cargo
Type set in Diatype by Dinamo
New York