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Since 2014, I've been actively involved in crafting innovative projects at Anton & Irene, a design studio I co-founded with Irene Pereyra in Brooklyn, New York. Our portfolio is diverse, ranging from designing systems for cultural institutions like TheMet Museum in New York and M+ Museum in Hong Kong to collaborating with industry leaders such as the lighting manufacturer Zumtobel in Austria and 3D printer manufacturer Markforged in Boston. Our endeavors extend to strategic initiatives for clients like Spotify and Kickstarter, and collaborations with esteemed designers and artists including Shantell Martin and Karim Rashid. Committed to exploration, we invest a significant amount of time in personal projects that delve into subjects of interest, exemplified by initiatives like the "One Shared House" documentary and our data-driven storytelling project, "Only 8%”.

www.antonandirene.com since 2014
M+ Museum Digital Experience, 2022
Google Home Hub, 2018

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M+ Museum
One Shared House 2030
Shantell Martin
Google Home Hub

TheMet Museum Redesign, 2016

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