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Anton Repponen is a New York-based interaction designer with a career spanning over 20 years in the industry building products, digital experiences, brands and simply fun and engaging things people love to use.

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Originally from Tallinn, Estonia, I come from a family of pattern makers. By the age of 6, I knew how to put together a pair of jeans. Although I studied architecture at Tallinn College of Engineering, I never worked as an architect, aside from internships, including one in Delhi, India in 2004.
Fig 5: Tallinn, Estonia 1990

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In 2006, I relocated to Stockholm, Sweden, joining Fi (Fantasy Interactive) as a designer. Two years later, in 2008, I moved to New York, USA, continuing my role with Fi as a creative director. During my 8+ years there, I successfully designed over 100 projects, including the redesign of the USA Today newspaper, the XBox interface, the Balenciaga website, the Sports Illustrated digital magazine and more than 10 projects for Google, to name a few.
Microsoft XBox, 2012
Google Chrome Store, 2011
USA Today Redesign, 2012
Google Messages for Japan, 2011, 2014

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Fig 12: New York
Since 2014, I've been actively involved in crafting innovative projects at Anton & Irene, a design studio I co-founded with Irene Pereyra in Brooklyn, New York. Our portfolio is diverse, ranging from designing systems for cultural institutions like TheMet Museum in New York and M+ Museum in Hong Kong to collaborating with industry leaders such as the lighting manufacturer Zumtobel in Austria and 3D printer manufacturer Markforged in Boston. Our endeavors extend to strategic initiatives for clients like Spotify and Kickstarter, and collaborations with esteemed designers and artists including Shantell Martin and Karim Rashid. Committed to exploration, we invest a significant amount of time in personal projects that delve into subjects of interest, exemplified by initiatives like the "One Shared House" documentary and our data-driven storytelling project, "Only 8%”. since 2014
M+ Museum Digital Experience, 2022
Google Home Hub, 2018

Project highlights

Anton & Irene Book

M+ Museum
One Shared House 2030
Shantell Martin
Google Home Hub

TheMet Museum Redesign, 2016

Selected clients I 
worked directly with

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Google MicrosoftSonyPorsche
National Geographic
Sports Illustrated
M+ Museum
Karim Rashid
Met Museum
USA Today
Electronic Arts
Red Bull
Shantell Martin
Time Inc
Singapore Airlines
Time Warner
Art Directors Guild
History Channel
EA Sports
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I've spoken at over 80 conferences worldwide, and my work, encompassing both client and personal projects, has received coverage from various media and been featured in numerous books. You can find a complete list of publications here. I also engage in regular teaching at Harbour Space University in Barcelona, Spain, and Bangkok, Thailand.
Fig 19: OFFF Barcelona 2012
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Fig 21: Obsessions

Despite all of the above this particular website serves as my personal design encyclopedia showcasing unexplored territories beyond commercial design work. Here, you'll find an array of projects—some realized and launched, while others remain at the conceptual stage. Serving as an almanac of my design obsessions, the content spans across design, architecture, photography, furniture and contemplations on the abstract concept of time.
Fig 22: Research directions

Obsession with

NU:RO Watch

NU:RO is a minimalist analogue watch with two separate dials that show time in the middle of the watch face inside the hour glass. 

Time Stretched

Abstract artwork series depicting time in motion that slows down in relation to the observer.


Web app that allows you to create beautiful interactive timelines with events that matter. 

x100 (Times Hundred)

x100 — the app that counts. x100 helps you keep track of your reps during workouts. 

Seeing Time

Various visualizations of time for a digital wrist watch

Obsession with Architecture & Facades

Fig 23: The word “house” in Sumerian ideographic script

Misplaced Series

The Misplaced Series removes notable New York buildings from their surroundings and “misplaces” them in desolate landscapes around the world.


An experimental browser-based 3D comic strip where the space is broken down into frames that are perceived as three-dimensional rooms. 


Obsession of photographing building facades without perspective distortion. Currently over 400 images in the collection.

Obsession with
Design and Space

Street Signs of New York

Obstructing the rules of space by changing the street signs.


Blindsight is a short film based on the eponymous sci-fi novel by Peter Watts, created by a collaborative group of designers and artists directed by Danil Krivoruchko.

Spaces & Objects

Spaces and Objects delves into the vibrant tapestry of colors adorning the objects encountered during a stroll through the cityscape.

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